Maintenance of your garage door before winter arrives

best garage door openersSoon, the cold season will begin. Here’s our expert advice so your garage door works well all winter, especially when you need it the most.

The garage door itself

  • To wash your garage door, use a mild soap as used to wash your car, or a dishwashing detergent. Rub gently with a car brush and rinse well with your garden hose.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleansers or very strong liquids. Do not use your high-pressure washing machine (sprayer).
  • Once a year, the application of a liquid wax car will protect its luster and restore its brilliance. As for a vehicle, do not perform this waxing in sunny periods.

The Windows

  • If you have windows on your garage door, use a mild soap, as for the door, to clean PVC frames and windows.
  • Go with your homemade recipe (vinegar and water) to clean the glass.
  • Do not use detergents containing abrasive, gasoline or paint cleaner.
  • Avoid scrapers to remove stubborn stains. You will scratch the glasses.

The weatherstrip of the external frame and that of the bottom of the door

    • If they are made of good quality PVC, we suggest you clean them with an all purpose vinyl detergent, the same one you use for your outdoor furniture.
    • Rinse well with a hose with a gentle spray.
    • Lubricate them once every two months, or more often depending on the frequency of use, with a silicone-based product.
    • Do not use petroleum-based lubricant. Oil attacks PVC, which must remain flexible for good efficiency.

Rails, hinges, casters and spring system

  • Lubricate your casters and hinges with a little car engine oil, such as the 10W30, or any other lubricant that the garage door specialist in your area will suggest.
  • Do not apply lubricant such as WD-40, as this oil is used primarily as a degreaser or to loosen a piece completely frozen by rust.
  • For rails, use some motor oil, mainly in the rail curvature.
  • The same goes for the springs. Apply oil and wipe off the excess with a cloth. In addition to cutting the grinding due to the friction of the springs, you will extend the life of these springs.

Garage Door Lubricant: Is there any on the market?

In recent years, Garaga has offered two products specifically designed for the lubrication of the components of its garage doors: a lubricant for metal (for rails, castors and hinges) and a lubricant for weatherstripping (external framing, between sections and bottom of the door). These products can be purchased at a Garaga retailer .

The electric garage door opener

  • Service your opener every three months.
  • Open your garage door manually by pulling the emergency cord.
  • Your garage door should remain balanced at about 4 feet (1.2 m) from the floor. If it is unbalanced or if you force it to lift it, immediately call in the services of a garage door specialist .
  • Make sure the door opens or closes completely. If necessary, adjust the stroke or force controls. Most door openers have two buttons for this adjustment. See your opener’s instruction manual for more details.
  • Check the automatic reversing sensors, if applicable. The garage door must automatically reverse its movement if an object or a person finds himself in his race. Make sure they are aligned.
  • There is no need to lubricate the garage door opener cart. The lubrication done during installation by a professional will last a long time. However, if necessary, a white grease should be used.
  • Finally, never let your children play with the opener. Keep the remote in a place inaccessible to them.

What to remember from all this?

  • Consider your garage door just like any other important room in your home. Do the suggested maintenance and it will work wonderfully.
  • Never attempt to adjust the springs, bottom hinges or hoisting ropes yourself. Everything is under tension and it is your safety and that of your loved ones.
  • Consult a garage door specialist in your area . They are professionals who know the garage doors on the tips of their fingers for many years. Most of them offer a “Focus Program”, as you do for your self.

Still, do you need a new garage door? Check our website today for more details on our garage doors offered. You can also visit our Design Center , which will help you create your perfect garage door. You can even receive a free quote for your creation!

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