Mini 0826 Dash Cam Box

The Mini 0826 dashboard digicam is one of the trendy inside the Mini camera collection. This collection of cameras had been famous sellers and usually drive loads of discussion on our forum. The Mini 0826 is manufactured by using the chinese language organisation Skyhigh Electronics Co. Ltd. note that Skyhigh does promote to different organizations who assemble / rebrand this camera as well.

The Mini 0826 isn’t always a dramatic departure from the preceding cameras, the Mini 0805 and the Mini 0806. In truth the Mini 0826 makes use of the identical firmware because the Mini 0805. This indicates that the digital camera makes use of the Ambarella A7LA50 processor and Omnivision OV4689 CMOS sensor.

Video first-rate at some stage in the day is superb and night satisfactory is right, recording 1296p on par with its siblings the Mini 0805 and Mini 0806. The most substantial distinction with this digicam is the size and form element. The 0826 is longer, thicker and feels more robust then the alternative Mini cameras (measures eighty x 46 x 39mm). The digicam is stiff to rotate as properly.

The 0826 has a rubberized coating which offers it a premium experience when compared to the tough plastic utilized in previous models. The mount is equal to the Mini 0806 mount and has GPS built in. A 1.fiveā€³ screen is covered and the camera supports 1 MicroSD card (up to 64GB). note that a few models have an internal 8GB of memory as properly, a beneficial function if you forget about to insert the SD card in the digicam.

the most important question with this camera is reliability. A short test of our Mini series discussion board and it’s far clean that past reliability has no longer been perfect (the Mini 0805 seems to have the exceptional reliability out of the collection). the bigger length of the Mini 0826 could assist in this regard, specifically for warmth associated troubles.

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size assessment

Our member Sunny has shared a few snap shots of the Mini 0826 with the Firefly 6S, Amkov 7000S and G1WH.
regarded troubles

Out of consciousness

one in every of our participants has acquired a digicam that appears to be out of awareness. The video under highlights the hassle and you can examine greater about it in this thread. regrettably we are not positive if that is a good sized problem or no longer. Disassembling the digital camera and manually adjusting the focal point could clear up it.

Ausdom A261 (top) vs Mini 0826 (bottom)

Mounting the camera

Our member CheckYourLights has shared this photo of the Mini 0826 mounted (middle).

ought to I purchase?

The Mini 0826 is not dramatically distinctive than its predecessor the Mini 0805. Video great is about the equal but the Mini 0826 has a higher excellent casing. but, the Mini 0826 is extra high-priced, large and reliability is unproven as compared to the Mini 0805. The Mini 0826 is a decent cost however ordinary the Mini 0805 is a better bang for the greenback. to look what different owners are announcing, go to our Mini 0826 discussion board.
in which to buy for lowest fee

This digicam mostly sells for under $a hundred from a number of carriers:



caution! MAKING changes on your FIRMWARE ARE achieved AT YOUR personal hazard. WE aren’t accountable for ANY damage to your sprint CAM because of these commands.
Firmware replace commands

layout the MicroSD Card
replica the firmware file (.bin) onto the foundation of the MicroSD Card
you may want to rename the firmware document to firmware bin
The camera have to activate to update automatically (sure/no)
After the firmware update is completed make certain to delete the files or you may be brought about to update once more

modern Firmware

test TO ensure you have got A MINI 0805 before UPDATING. some vendors ARE selling 0803 CAMERAS AND CLAIMING they’re 0805 ensuing IN BRICKED CAMERAS while UPDATING. (from Skyhigh Electronics) (from Skyhigh Electronics)

preceding Firmware

Mini-0826 1card GPS (from Skyhigh Electronics)
Mini-0826 2cards GPS (from Skyhigh Electronics)